Frequently Asked Home, Business and Auto Insurance Questions

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What affects my insurance rates?
Many factors can impact insurance rates, some you can control and some you cannot.
Examples of things that you can control include claim and driving history, credit score, annual miles driven, safe driving habits, and the type of coverage you select. Things you really can’t control include rebuild cost of your home, cost to repair vehicles, industry changes in litigation and law, the number and severity of claims in your region or zip code, and lender insurance requirements.  These uncontrollable aspects are usually the culprit when your insurance premiums increase year over year and you didn’t file a claim.

When can I change my insurance to a different company?
With personal insurance policies, you are able to change your company at any time during the policy period.  Like most companies, Liberty Mutual offers an early shopper discount, so think ahead when you start shopping for insurance instead of waiting until a couple days before your policy needs to begin.

How do I pay for my insurance?
We offer an array of convenient billing options, many of which do not have monthly billing fees associated. For the complete list of preferred billing methods, or to change your current billing option, contact me.

Why are rates different with different companies?
Insurance is strictly controlled by each state’s insurance commission, which means that the company has to provide details as to how and what the insurance policies will be rated on and gain approval from each state’s governing body. Each individual company has many different filings and may rate different people on different aspects, depending on their desire to insure specific risks; their ability to write insurance in different states; and their previous claim payout history. Most people don’t realize that in order for an insurance company to be stable,  they operate within a 3% margin, meaning that for every $1.00 they collect in premium from you and me, they have anticipated expenses of $0.97.

Why do I have to provide so much information to get a price?
My goal is to provide you the most accurate pricing possible to enable you to make the best insurance decision. Since insurance policy cost varies based on your history and the coverage you choose, it is necessary to provide a full insurance picture to get an accurate price. Compare this to buying a home or car – would you make an offer on a house without knowing how many bedrooms it has or the condition of the roof? How about with a car – would you agree to purchase a vehicle for $2,000 if you didn’t know whether or not it was drivable?

What makes you different than any other agent?
Quite simply, the customer experience. I take the time to understand your needs and your current insurance, and also make sure you know the details of your policy and how it will protect you. If you are looking for an agent who truly cares about you and your family’s needs, get in touch with me to experience my service first-hand. I’m also your dedicated agent, so you won’t get routed to “the next available agent” if you have a claim; you will be speaking with me and my team.

What happens if I need to make a change to my policy or file a claim and you aren’t available?
Here at i.e. Insurance, we want to be your primary point of contact for servicing your policies.  Please call us at 724-719-2093 for any questions, concerns or adjustments to your policies.  There are situations where we may not be immediately available, such as evenings and weekends.  In that case, please utilize the service center phone number located on your insurance documents to reach the company who has underwritten your policy.  Please don’t forget to check in with us on the next business day, as we always want to review any changes or updates to ensure you are properly protected.

I know someone who needs your help.  What is the best way to refer you?
It depends on your relationship, and that person’s preferences.  Some people are very happy with an e-mail introduction, while others prefer a phone call or face-to-face meeting. I can accommodate any of these options, and have online meeting capabilities. The most important thing is to make sure that they have my contact information and I have theirs as well.  Insurance is one of those things that is easy to forget about or push to the back burner.

I have clients/customers that could really use your services, but I’m afraid of breaking privacy rules  or upsetting them. What do you suggest?
As with any professional, I have strict privacy rules as well.  There are a couple best practices I use to make sure I’m maintaining my clients’ privacy and also offering the expertise and professionalism they expect.

  • First, ask them if they would be interested in speaking with a professional connection of yours regarding their insurance.  If you have a specific reason for connecting us, this is a great time to mention it.  You can also let them know that there is no obligation to purchase my products, but having a conversation with an expert in the industry never hurts.
  • Second, ask how much information is ok to share.  I offer this – “I can provide just basic contact information for the two of you to get in touch, or with your permission I can provide a little more detail to lessen the amount of time it takes to relay the information you have already given me to Tiffany.  Which would be better for you?”
  • If at any point your customer feels uncomfortable, stop!  You can always offer my contact information and let them reach out at a more convenient opportunity.